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The Milk is a mix of reportage, memoir, love story, war story and a few other stories that explores, and attempts to explain, 40 years following the Canberra Raiders.

Each chapter focuses on an era around one of 20 key games and runs parallel with the author's journey which began as a 12-year-old at Seiffert Oval in 1982 and burns as hot today.

The Milk is not the definitive history of the Canberra Raiders, it's a history. It's an entertaining, often funny look at 40 years of fandom for the Canberra Raiders, the great enigma of Australian rugby league.

Jeff Centenara - Inside Sport

Reading Matt Cleary is like having a yarn at the pub with a funny and well-informed mate. He's a son of the Capital. This is the book he was meant to write.”

Mitch Dale - Rugby League Week

“Matt is one of Australian sport’s great storytellers. As a feature writer for Rugby League Week over many years, he was a master at producing engaging yarns chock-full of wit, one-liners and 'Cleary- isms'."

Brad Ryder - Rabbitohs historian

“South Sydney fans don’t usually have much time for the Raiders - they’ve got more than a few passages in our Book of Feuds. But even rusted-on Rabbitohs will enjoy The Milk.”